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September 28, 2006



These kinds of type explorations and their applications would be great to see more of. I would love to see your experimentations in type designs applied to environmental spaces and the visual language(s) they signify. Can they be used for strictly informational purposes or can the become an absurdist act in an unexpected space?


Like, this poster is totally radical, dewd.

tanya rubbak

I like the idea of allowing space for the audience to fill in the blank. CalArts is perfect because the expectations for the CalArts poster format are really set and there's familiarity with the typical content. You can easy play without sacrificing the info. It's a great testing ground. It's interesting to think about how this would work outside though where you run a greater risk at leaving too much unsaid. How can it be done?

kristen Coogan

What other ways can you encourage participation besides leaving room for the audience to fill in the blank? It could be interesting to develop experiments that solicit interaction between the users and maker(s), whether physical or psychological. And then, how can you control this environment, what constraints can you create to generate a specific set of results? Finally, what does such an improvisational method suggest about the persons involved in the process?


On your poster the open space is already defined for the viewer. I think for an interaction with the space the viewer has to get more involved with the content. I think of gaps within the content or a controversial relationship between text and form/image.

Florencio Zavala

In a context where there is a certain level of expectation, I wonder what are the tools for instigating a prolonged engagement. Does that draw too much attention to the poster itself and not the environment? I think both are interesting starting points and am intrigued about a duality between these macro and micro environments. In a way the poster is an environment within an environment. The physical sense of place is replaced by the some representation or allusion to a space in or beyond the plane of the poster surface.

I am interested in exloring these strategies. Ideas that come to mind are vagueness, fantasy, personification, humor, personal narrative, illusion.

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