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September 28, 2006



i think the poster is the past and the t-shirt is the present poster. the poster has no future

cameron ewing

you already know how i feel about this.

i agree that the poster is very yesterday (though still relevant) and the shirt is today (but like 20 minutes ago). as far as tomorrow...i really believe it's environmental, mixed media and is using space/planes in new and experimental ways.



painting isn't dead- same goes for the poster

Lorraine Wild

i watched my 8 yr old taping images to her bedroom wall the other day (harry potter illustrations, dragon illustrations, and one of the girl singers from - ugh - High School Musical) and it struck me that people really like to surround themselves with pictures and messages. so though the intellectual designer part of me thinks that posters are deader than doorknobs, fetish objects for designers only, maybe we're wrong? It's just that you are going to have to commission them yourselves if you want to do any after school...unless you go into one of those horrible hack Hollywood movie poster studios...


Don't get me started on posters. I have a love/hate relationship with them. They're so damned sentimental and quaint (especially for designers) and at the same time such an amazing opportunity to do something in one big ejaculation at the pedestrian level. What worries me is that they're part of a conversation among graphic designers about the future as all. Posters won't go away. They're fetish objects and as I said effective pedestrian communications... is there a larger discussion to be had?


the discussion is that posters are nolonger pedestrian communications.


"Like a few years ago Brian Roettinger put up posters around school with the line "the future of art is..." followed by blank lines for others to fill in a response.
After a few weeks he redid the poster with the line "The future of art is design." The fury flew!"

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