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September 28, 2006


kristen Coogan

I like the alphabet idea. The idea of interacting with 'graphic' design seems cool.


In regards to Prop A:

I think it would be awesome to document installing the branding into actual Valencia, and display that in the gallery. Why not actually intervene into the environment itself?

Over the summer, I became interested in the idea of wheatpasting posters in the Valencia Town Center. This may take it to a novel new level?


I also like the alphbeth idea. I like the idea of physical experience with Graphic Design.


i like the re-brand idea because our experience at calarts is so connected to our experience in valencia. to bring the to together would be really interesting. crazy art students who get naked, drunk, and high re-branding a place that lacks anykind of life or unique appearance...

cameron ewing

i LOVE the branding idea. it's relevant and the calarts has one of the only unique perspectives available here in valencia.

however, logistically...i don'e think it's feasible. we are all going to have very busy schedules come december and so i think we need a prompt that's more playful and invites open collaborative efforts.

the alphabet proposal i think delivers on this. i can actually see people getting together in the space; taping, painting, spraying, building, making.

sounds like fun!!!


flo i have to butt in here and say i would *love* to see topic #1. tell your teachers to scrap their curriculum and give you the rest of the semester to work on only that. what could be more relevant and thrilling? i can't wait.

infinite artifice

i'm drawn more and more to the re-brand idea the more i think of it. our relationship with valencia is really strange and interesting. there's room for thinking about imaginary spaces--how we would imagine this place if it were up to us, and there's room for funny and brutally honest commentary about planted communities and suburbia.


I musta gotten up on the wrong side of the bed. waz the point you're trying to make with either of these projects, Flo?
Is it really that interesting to rebrand Valencia? Valencia is what it is. Who gives a shit. Why not take on CalArts as a brand? And rethink branding while you're at it. And rethink CalArts while your at it.

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