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September 28, 2006


infinite artifice

we talked about this a little bit in our group during class. i agree that it's a one-sided conversation and the posters could do a lot more. now they pretty much talk to the walls that they are sitting on. graphic design department is totally isolated from the rest of the school, we're totally invisible and yet every week we cover the walls with our posters. there's something strange about that. and doesn't it represent the way graphic designers work in general outside of this little bubble?


I agree about the one-sided conversation. I think placement, scale and format can be the first things to rethink and integrate more into the design. But what about a process which links the making/design?


or how 'bout thinking about "posters" as something other than pieces of cardboard on a wall? But again my crankiness asks what's the point? What's the purpose of announcements for events that they would require interaction from audience? Perhaps consider a subject worth posting on a public level that would invite some sort of engagement. Like a few years ago Brian Roettinger put up posters around school with the line "the future of art is..." followed by blank lines for others to fill in a response.
After a few weeks he redid the poster with the line "The future of art is design." The fury flew!

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