October 02, 2006


cameron ewing

wow. based on the image posted i was really ready to battle you on this one. i think the image you selected is visually compelling. typographically and compositionally strong.

upon further digging into the work, it is clear that it all falls flat. the content is trite (hinting at meaning but never quite delivering), the typography is poor and formally just about all of the pieces feel incomplete. like idea sketches perhaps.

your questions re: slang are intriguing. an inherently ellusive, regional vocabulary that is only relevant to a very specific audience. and when the slang does transcend it is a sign that it has been commodified, appropriated by the media...appearing in sitcoms, etc.

i wonder about this often...does it mean that local vernacular is developing more quickly, to stay ahead of the media machine? or is it the case that local speak is a dying breed; a trajectory leading to the assimilation of the english vocab?

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