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October 08, 2006



This is hilarious! Your use of humor in graphic design really stands out. I think using humor as a tool in your design could be a powerful one.

Also I am curious to hear more about your reasoning for choosing everyone from the class as examples for this possible workshop. Through thesis are we all trying to grapple with our own identities and ways on how we define ourselves? What kind of things do ID cards signify?

For a long time there has been a debate of whether or not we should make all US citizens carry a national identification card at all times. Still not one unified system has been set forth despite the current political climate with issues of security. Can this be something you would like to explore?


Where ya goin' here, Flo? Are you exploring the idea of workshops? (If so can you describe a series of them and then try out a few of the project out with classmates?) if your interest is in identification - are you playing with different scenarios?

Florencio Zavala

The class blog is a closed environment. I like the idea of a limited audience. They can serve as both control and focus group. Collective and individual voices are equally heard and influence directly these formal and conceptual experiments.

I enjoy work that is both familiar and obscure. The signfiers are abstracted and yet we still recognize the patterns.

I am not so much interested in identity, as I am the artifacts that define it: the id card, the webpage, myspace, ringtones, license name plates, personalized jewelry, tattoos. In the end the sum of these parts creates a rich visual system. The possibilities are seemingly endless. How do these change over time? What if we had to start anew? What if our palette were limited. Which artifacts would one choose? What do these choices say about our values?


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